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Cannot and does not accept any responsibility or liability for any losses you may suffer as a result of entering into any transaction with any third party or for third party tracking of data.

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On this website you may find links to other websites. Whilst it is hoped you will be interested in those websites, you acknowledge that their owners are independent from Fine Print (SecFinder) Secretarial Services and no endorsement or acceptance of responsibility is made for their content/
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Fine Print (SecFinder) Secretarial Services has tried to the best of their ability to ensure that no spyware or popups are embedded in the home site as it is felt to be an invasion of privacy but unfortunately cannot take responsibility for affiliate advertising/links.

When you leave Fine Print or (SecFinder) on a link, you may find that affiliates featured on our sites have tracking cookies and you will need to read their terms and conditions with regard to privacy and use.

Fine Print and SecFinder use cookies for analysing web statistics and sending 'webcards' - a new ecard service. If you send an ecard - information will be stored on the server for a limited time for your recipient to be able to collect it and then deleted.

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